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Must Reads for July 15

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Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson’s quote of the day on Obama’s $5 billion “green” jobs initiative:

“Barack Obama and Harry Reid are proposing an additional $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to businesses that apparently cannot profit on their own selling inefficient so-called ‘clean’ energy alternatives, like electric cars, wind and solar. This comes atop $2.3 billion in ‘stimulus’ funds that were dedicate to the same purpose.

“At a time of unsustainable government spending and debt accumulation, if energy companies cannot make a profit selling these products and utilities, then it is not up to U.S. taxpayers to double-down on an unsuccessful ‘green’ marketing strategy with another $5 billion in taxpayers handouts.

“The American people want an end to government picking winners and losers in the energy sector with subsidies to politically-favored industries, and instead would prefer lawmakers to lift restrictions on producing nuclear, oil, coal, and natural gas resources that provide the foundation for meeting the nation’s power needs.”

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