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The Daily Wrap-Up: July 1

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Thursday Afternoon –

White House staff meet with lobbyists at a nearby Caribou coffee. The latest ALG video takes a look at a recent report from the NYT about White House staff meeting with lobbyists at an off-site location. By doing this, the lobbyists do not appear on the official White House visitor log, which is released to the public. So much for the most transparent Administration in history…

An open letter to Democrats. From ALG President Bill Wilson, “In the post-World War II era, the so-called Cold War consensus, a bipartisan approach to U.S. foreign policy against the spread of communism, was best embodied by the late Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg’s famous quote, “Politics stops at the water’s edge,” and also the career of Democrat Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, whose support for U.S. armed forces in harm’s way was unswerving.”

The economy is stalled and the Federal government is not helping. From NRD Contributor Rick Manning, “13,000 private sector jobs created in June. That’s what payroll giant ADP reported yesterday in their monthly report. Only 41,000 private sector jobs created in May according to the government’s own economists with near post-WWII record unemployment at 9.7 percent. 15 million people unemployed nationwide with 46 percent of them classified as “long-term unemployed,” meaning they hadn’t worked for 27 months or more. The same number of people considered to be “long-term unemployed” as in April.”

Video: Debunking Obama’s Keynesian spending binge. In the latest video from Dan Mitchell, he debunks the Keynesian spending binge that the Obama administration and Congress have been on. This is a must watch.

CQ Politics: Illinois doesn’t know how many Senate elections it will hold this fall. “A little-noticed court ruling two weeks ago found that appointee Roland W. Burris was supposed to serve only until an election was held to fill the unexpired portion of President Barack Obama’s seat in the Senate. That means giving Illinois an elected senator this year.”

The Blago trial daily update.

Forbes: Fictitious financial reform. “Later this week, President Obama will sign an overhaul of the financial industry, the biggest change required by law since the Great Depression. For all the legal change it brings, it won’t prevent the next crisis–but it also won’t do much harm.”

Kagan’s nanny state. “Suppose that the federal government, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it would deal with the obesity crisis and improve the health and welfare of the American people — by mandating that every American eat three helpings of vegetables and three helpings of fruit every day. Anyone caught failing to eat the required food would be subject to a fine or tax. Would such a law be constitutional”

Stossel: Entrepreneurship helps make America great. “For all its problems, America is a great place. And one thing that makes America great is its prosperity. Yes, some people have suffered during the recession—but compared to all the other countries in the history of the world, America is rich. Why?”

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