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The Daily Wrap-Up: July 7

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Wednesday Afternoon –

Donald Berwick receives recess appointment to become “Rationer-in-Chief”. Realizing that Berwick would be a tough fight in Congress, Obama recess appointed Berwick to become Director of the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

$40,000 isn’t enough for Scott Nicholson. A July 6 article in the New York Times should have been an eye opener for those that read it. This article tells the story of Scott Nicholson, a young college graduate from the suburbs of Boston who is unable to land his dream job. If the intent of the article was to make one feel sorry for Scott, or for the millennial generation (18-29 year olds) that is struggling as a whole in the Great Recession, the point was lost on this millennial generation reader.

Check out today’s cartoon, “Earth to NASA“.

The EPA is no friend to America. The mission statement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to “protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment — air, water and land — upon which life depends.” Today the EPA does indeed have its opinions on protecting Americans and the environment. More recently it seems the EPA is more concerned with regulations, rules and power than it is about safeguarding our natural resources.

Kagan’s Commerce Clause. Senator Coburn, um…” That was all Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan could muster in response to what should have been a simple question from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. He was asking of Kagan, “Do we have the power to tell people what they have to eat every day?”

Check out the latest ALG video, “Ronald Reagan being Ronald Reagan“.

Justice Thomas offers concurring opinion on Second Amendment case that deserves careful study. Within the academy and the news media, prevailing opinion holds that the Supreme Court’s decision in the 1873 Slaughter-House cases essentially negated the privileges and immunities clause portion of the 14th amendment. Even the more conservative members of the bench, have been incline to defer here to long standing precedent as opposed to original intent.

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