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The Daily Wrap-Up: July 8

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Thursday Evening –

To be or not to be, that is McConnell’s question.  The nomination of Elena Kagan for the US Supreme Court took a political turn this week that could doom her hopes to reach the nation’s highest bench, and no one noticed.  The National Rifle Association announced that they will count a vote for Kagan as a vote against gun owner rights. Why is this important? Nine Senate Democrats, headlined by Majority Leader Harry Reid, currently have highly coveted “A” ratings with the National Rifle Association that they will be loathe to give up for an Obama nominee who equated the NRA with the KKK.

Inadequate Spending? In a column published last week in The New York Times, Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman condemns recent attempts to inject some common sense into what has become an epidemic of mindless government growth in America and around the world.

A worthless contest. Almost everyone can agree that the Federal government wastes taxpayer money. Apparently, even those inside the Federal government think so. And those bureaucrats with ideas on how to save money can enter in the second annual SAVE Award contest (http://saveaward.gov).

“Media Marxists” push for regulatory control of the internet. Under the guise of “net neutrality,” Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is conspiring with a coalition of left-leaning media organizations to coerce and subjugate the online community. On June 17, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski joined with the four other commissioners to vote on a proposal to reclassify broadband regulations under Title II, which would allow for greater federal intrusion. In a party line vote, the FCC elected to move forward with the investigative process.

VIDEO: Democratic House Budget Committee Chairman can’t say who he will support for Speaker

$40,000 isn’t enough for Scott Nicholson. A July 6 article in the New York Times should have been an eye opener for those that read it. This article tells the story of Scott Nicholson, a young college graduate from the suburbs of Boston who is unable to land his dream job. If the intent of the article was to make one feel sorry for Scott, or for the millennial generation (18-29 year olds) that is struggling as a whole in the Great Recession, the point was lost on this millennial generation reader.

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