08.25.2010 0

Hey Joe, You Misspelled Delaware on Your Map

In our continuing series looking into the effects of Recovery Summer and the Stimulus on each State, we have found some very serious information that paints a bleak picture of what the Recovery Act has done to America.

However, to remain positive in our research, we have looked at the lighter side of things. So that brings us to Delaware, which we covered this morning.

It looks like the people at Recovery.gov and the White House that are tasked with updating the “Summer of Recovery Map” haven’t proofread their work. They misspelled Delaware–a serious offense when you consider that it is Joe Biden’s home state and that Biden is the project leader of “Recovery Summer”. Image of mistake below (I’m also sure they meant to add more projects, since after all, only boasting 1 project is hardly going to lead to a “recovery”).

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