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The Effects of Recovery Summer and Stimulus: Week in Review

  • On: 09/05/2010 22:38:14
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  • By Adam Bitely

    Over the past week at NetRightDaily.com we have reviewed Ohio, South Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin in our continuing series investigating what effects the Recovery Act and the “Summer of Recovery” have had on the states. These five states alone show a different picture than the Obama administration would lead us to believe.

    To see the large discrepancy that continues to develop between the Obama administration’s “recovery” myths and the reality of the high unemployment situations that the states are facing, just look at a state like Illinois — the home state of Obama.

    Illinois received nearly $8.5 billion in “stimulus” money according to Recovery.gov. Next door in Missouri, they received nearly $4.3 billion in “stimulus” funding. One would expect that job creation in Illinois would have been nearly twice as much, given that there was twice as much “stimulus” money spent. But the government’s own data shows a different result. With nearly twice the amount of “stimulus” money, Illinois created only 2,000 more jobs than Missouri — a pitiful amount when you consider the amount of money spent.

    Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there.

    Just take a look at Ohio. Unemployment has increased nearly 2 percent since January of 2009 while the labor force has shrunk by nearly 30,000 people and over 130,000 less people are employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ohio is not alone. This has been the case in almost every state we have covered up to this point.

    A trend that we have constantly noticed is the perceived “recovery” that began at the start of 2010. As the U.S. Census began hiring temporary employees to conduct canvassing efforts, employment began to increase. However, by the time of what Obama and Biden unfortunately termed the “Summer of Recovery” began, employment began to fall back towards pre-2010 levels. This has been detected in every state we have studied thus far. As the temporary jobs ended, an ever-increasing amount of people found themselves unemployed as the summer wore on.

    At this point, there is no end in sight to the downturn in America’s economy. The Obama Administration spoke all too soon when they declared that America was coming out of the “Great Recession” — and the data from Recovery.gov and the Department of Labor proves just that.

    As we continue to investigate the effects of “Recovery Summer” and the “Stimulus” on the States, we will be posting our findings at NetRightDaily.com. Over the next couple of days we will be posting our findings on North Carolina, New Hampshire, Washington and New Mexico.

    Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com.

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