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Battleground 2010: Stimulus and Unemployment, Part 3

  • On: 10/19/2010 08:43:41
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  • By Adam Bitely

    The results from the mid-term elections will be coming in just over two weeks. As Democrats and Republicans make their final arguments on the campaign trail, it’s important to keep in mind the effects that the “stimulus” and high unemployment rates have had in what is called the “battlegrounds” of the election.

    Indiana provides a perfect example of a state that has been plagued by a bad unemployment situation. While Indiana supported Obama in 2008, the Senate election to replace the retiring Evan Bayh (D) is trending heavily towards the GOP. According to an average of the polls conducted in Indiana, the GOP candidate Dan Coats leads his Democrat opponent by 17 percent.

    Voters in Indiana are frustrated that the Big Government programs produced by the Democrat controlled Congress have failed the state. Since 2007 when the Democrats rode in to big majorities in Congress, the unemployment rate has more than doubled and now hangs above 10 percent. Further, Indiana has been the recipient of more than $4.3 billion dollars in “stimulus” monies that are yet to reverse the course of the terrible economy. Voters are frustrated and are indicating so in poll after poll.

    But the trouble for Obama and the Democrats goes further than Indiana. Just take a look at what is happening in the once Democrat stronghold of Massachusetts.

    After the great upset win of Scott Brown in the Senate race to fill Ted Kennedy’s former seat, the GOP is looking to win big again in this year’s Governor’s contest. Sitting Governor Deval Patrick (D) is narrowly leading his GOP opponent Charles Baker in the latest polls that have been conducted. While Patrick has been governor, the unemployment rate has doubled.

    Further, recent polling indicates that Barney Frank is in trouble in his nicely designed congressional district that was thought to be Republican proof. Frank is now within 10 points of his GOP opponent Sean Bielat. Such a close race in this district is now causing the Democrats to divert precious campaign resources into a place that they never thought they would need them.

    Voters in Massachusetts have indicated time and again that they want a change, and it looks like this bluest of blue states may make it happen again come November.

    Aside from the GOP possibly taking the reins of government in Massachusetts, the most surprising race might be the U.S. Senate contest in West Virginia.

    Joe Manchin, the sitting governor of West Virginia is the Democrat nominee for the race to fill Robert Byrd’s Senate seat. While Manchin was assumed to have an easy road to victory, that initial forecast has fallen on its head. Currently, Manchin has a 2.5 percent lead over his GOP opponent John Raese. To make matters worse for Manchin and the entire state of West Virginia, under Manchin’s leadership, the unemployment rate has more than doubled to 8.6 percent.

    Voters are sending a clear message around the nation. They are sick and tired of the Big Government schemes produced by the current Democrats that are in power. Even in the Democrat strongholds, voters are indicating that they prefer a change. Both parties should be aware of the message being sent on Election Day. Americans want a change from the disastrous policies that are continuing to mire the economy. Perhaps, we’ll see if the GOP is paying attention this upcoming January.

    Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com.

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