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Media Marxists Who Seek Greater Regulatory Control of the Internet Have Been Delayed but Not Stopped

By Kevin Mooney — Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski has asked for another round of comments on Network Neutrality, which makes it unlikely that any definitive action will taken in September. But Seton Motley, editor-in-chief of StopNetRegulation.org, cautions against declaring victory. The far-left coalition known as “Free Press” continues to lobby aggressively for greater government control of the Internet despite public sentiment, Motley has observed.

“They are demanding the FCC reclassify the Internet under ancient 1930s land line telephone rules – and that they do it immediately,”  he wrote. “And that they do so against the will of 299 members of Congress, from both Parties, more than 150 organizations, state legislators and bloggers, seventeen minority groups, and the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court – led by a Democrat-appointee.”

In email message, Motley urged supporters to remain vigilant and mindful of “Media Marxists” who will return in full force even as they experience temporary setbacks.

“Thankfully, their demands for immediate, unauthorized and drastic regulatory overreach by the FCC are not being heeded – at least not this month,” he wrote.  “Bravo, Chairman Genachowski. But the price of an actually Open Internet – free from a ridiculously misapplied 1930s telephone regulatory regime and Net Neutrality – is eternal vigilance.
We’ve warded off the Media Marxists today.  Let’s now get to work on tomorrow.”

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