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Real Radicals Running Wild In Washington

Editors Note: This piece was originally published by Investors Business Daily.

While the administration of Barack Obama attempts to portray the Tea Party as a “fringe” movement that doesn’t share America’s “mainstream” values, it is working concurrently to erase many of these values from our society.

Lurking beneath the unconstitutional mandates of “ObamaCare,” the reckless deficit spending and the draconian new regulations and taxes being imposed on our free-market economy, Obama and his radical allies are moving in numerous, more subtle ways to erase America’s identity.

Take the U.S. Department of Justice Web site, which according to the American Spectator recently shed its red, white and blue banner in favor of a stark gold and black theme. Of course it’s not the colors that are necessarily worth noting, it’s the new quotation that’s featured prominently on nearly every page of the web site:

“The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

Justice Department employees informed the Spectator that this quote originated from a globalist manifesto published by C. Wilfred Jenks, a former labor leader and key proponent of “international law.”

Jenks served as United Nations’ director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) where (among other radical positions) he supported granting “observer status” within the ILO to the Palestinian Liberation Organization at a time when the group’s terrorist activities were widely known.

“It was Jenks’s efforts that helped make the ILO a tool of the socialist and communist movement,” one Justice Department lawyer noted.

And yet this is the man responsible for the new Department of Justice motto? No wonder respect for the rule of law in America is at an all-time low — and selective enforcement of that law by our government is at an all-time high.

Look no further than the demonization of BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which occurred while the New Black Panther Party was being let off the hook for its flagrant voter intimidation efforts.

The frightening reality is that in the Obama administration, “hope and change” have masked a sinister anti-American agenda that’s being advanced by real radicals — as opposed to Tea Party protesters who are simply standing up for the ideals upon which their nation was founded.

Take the administration’s former “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones — a self-proclaimed communist who once belonged to a movement that favored “revolutionary internationalism, the central role of the working class, urban Marxism and Third World Communism.”

Also, look at Federal Communications Commission “Diversity Czar” Mark Lloyd, who once belonged to an organization oxymoronically-dubbed “The Free Press.” The stated goal of that group? To take down America’s capitalist system “brick by brick” and create a socialist nation, using government control over the media as one of its primary weapons.

Next consider the views of Obama’s “Science Czar” John Holdren, who once authored a textbook that advocated “mandatory abortions, mandating family size and adding sterilants to drinking water or staple foods.”

Holdren later backtracked on these positions saying that he no longer believes it is “productive” to “focus on the optimum population for the United States.”

And let’s not forget Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein — who once said that “there is no liberty without dependency.” Prior to joining the Obama administration, Sunstein was a leading proponent of allowing animals — that’s right: animals — to be able to sue human beings in civil litigation.

Make no mistake — these individuals are radical extremists, and the fact that they have been elevated to positions of power and influence within the Obama administration constitutes a clear and present danger to American liberty and individual prosperity.

Prior to his election Obama made clear his plan to “spread the wealth around,” but the appointment of these radicals — and many others like them — demonstrates that he’s not going to stop there.

Destroying the free market, reducing states to mere “vassal” status and subjugating American rights to the liberal policing of a new global order — these are the true aims and objectives of the radicals who are running wild in Washington, D.C.

In fact they’ve written it right there on “our” Justice Department Web site, for all to see.

William Wilson is president of Americans for Limited Government.

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