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Recovery Summer and Stimulus: Kentucky

Continuing on the Recovery Summer and Stimulus: State by State, we head to Kentucky.

Quick Kentucky facts:

  • In January of 2009, the unemployment rate in Virginia was 9.1%. As of June 30, 2010, the unemployment rate was 10%–a net increase of 0.9%! (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • According to, Kentucky has received 3,157 awards. This has resulted in $2,874,119,574 being spent to create/save 12,952.14* jobs (Source:
  • As of June 2010, the labor force in Kentucky has decreased by 2,199 people since January of 2009. While the labor force has decreased, unemployment has increased. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • According to the Recovery Summer Map, Kentucky boasts 2 “Summer of Recovery” projects.
  • The number of people employed in Kentucky has fallen by 21,807 people since January of 2009! (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • The Obama administration projected the change in jobs by December 31, 2010 to be +48,000 jobs. To date, Kentucky has lost 13,900 jobs. (Source: Ways & Means Republicans)

The employment trend in Kentucky has not been good. Throughout 2009, unemployment rose while “stimulus” money was pumped into the state. A “recovery” was beginning to be noticed in the spring of 2010, but by the time of the “Summer of Recovery” the “recovery” had come to an end. Employment levels are falling again and unemployment continues to rise. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Has the Recovery Act done anything for Kentucky? No.

Has “Recovery Summer” done anything for Kentucky? No.

Kentucky is home to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who opposed the “Recovery Act” in 2009. Now McConnell is armed with evidence from across the nation and in his home state that the “stimulus” failed to meet the expectations that the Obama administration sold to America. McConnell and the GOP are looking to take back the Senate in the mid-term elections and a key Senate race is in Kentucky this November that could benefit the GOP nominee, Rand Paul, with the economy being the number one issue facing the voters. The economy is tanking in Kentucky and voters are looking for a change. Could Kentucky be home to the Senate Majority leader this January?

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*: The number of jobs created/saved conflicts with other government sources on This number was pulled from the latest figured offered on

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