11.10.2010 0

Biden Transparency Meeting Lacks Transparency

I assure you, this news is not from The Onion. While Barry is in India, Joe Biden is helping keep Barry’s campaign pledge to have the most transparent administration in history. But in an effort to achieve that goal, he msut first do away with transparency…

From the LA Times:

Possibly the most important event of the vice president’s day Tuesday is to meet at 2:15 with Earl Devaney. Everyone knows him as chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board — the top guy monitoring the gazillion-dollar stimulus and the overdue economic recovery, and ensuring that the taxpayers financing same know all about it.

However, no one outside the room will know what goes on in that Biden-Devaney meeting. That’s because the government meeting on government transparency has been closed.

There you have it folks. A meeting about transparency that is not transparent.

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