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11.17.2010 0

Fred Upton Killed Jobs

Incadescent Light Bulb Ban

Fred Barnes wrote a rather ill conceived endorsement of Fred Upton for Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. Barnes forgot a couple of facts in his plea to conservatives that Upton would be a good Chair of the committee.

Upton, who supported a ban on incandescent light bulbs, has informed Barnes that he would reconsider the ban. According to Barnes:

Upton has been faulted for voting for the light bulb bill that annoys so many people, including me. It was passed by voice vote as part of an energy bill in 2007. It banned incandescent bulbs, the kind everyone prefers over those more expensive, fancy ones that environmentalists cherish and the bill requires. “Nobody [on the committee] opposed it,” Upton says. As chairman, he’s for reconsidering the light bulb law.

It’s too late though, Upton. The last incandescent factory in the U.S. recently shut its doors. The damage has been done. And it is impossible for Upton to deny that he is part of the job-killing, commerce-harming, energy-regulating petty tyrant class that has infected Congress.

How ironic is it that when Upton is on the hot seat for a promotion he suddenly becomes willing to go back on his usual practices.

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