01.07.2011 0

ObamaCare Repeal Is Underway

The ObamaCare System

After a 236-181 vote, the first step to begin repealing ObamaCare has been taken. The vote in the House today set the rules for a debate next week for a repeal vote.

The results were nearly party-line, but 4 Democrats crossed over and voted with Republicans to repeal ObamaCare. The Democrats that supported repeal of ObamaCare were: Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK), Rep. Larry Kissell (D-NC), Rep. Mike McIntrye (D-NC), and Rep. Mike Ross (D-AR).

Harry Reid is already warning House Republicans that their efforts to repeal will falter in the Senate. He promises that he has the votes stop any sort of repeal measure once the repeal passes the House.

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