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RNC Chairman Election: Open Thread

UPDATE at 5:18 PM: Preibus wins with 97 votes. Anuzis 40, Cino 28.

UPDATE at 4:58 PM: Ann Wagner drops out.

UPDATE at 4:48  PM: 6th round results: Priebus 80, Anuzis 37, Cino 34, Wagner 17.

UPDATE at 4:16 PM: 5th round results: Priebus 67, Cino 40, Anuzis 32, Wagner 28 and 1 write-in.

UPDATE at 3:58 PM: 5th round of balloting begins.

UPDATE at 3:52 PM: Steele drops out, releases his supporters asking them to stand with Maria Cino.

UPDATE at 3:41 PM: 4th round results are: Priebus 58 , Cino 29, Wagner 28, Steele 28, Anuzis 24 and 1 write-in.

UPDATE at 3:21 PM: 4th round of balloting begins, no candidates have dropped out yet.

UPDATE at 3:08  PM: 3rd round results are: Priebus 54, Steele 33, Wagner 32, Cino 28 , Anuzis 21. Anuzis is really falling apart at this point.

UPDATE at 2:50 PM: 3rd round of balloting is beginning now… No candidates have dropped out yet.

UPDATE at 2:27 PM: 2nd round results: Priebus 52, Steele 37, Cino 30, Wagner 27, Anuzis – 22. Anuzis and Steele are fading fast, Priebus is gaining.

UPDATE at 2:20 PM: 2nd round of balloting just ended. Roughly 20 minutes from now the results of that round will be announced.

UPDATE at 1:45 PM: First round of balloting results – Priebus 45, Steele 44, Cino 32, Anuzis 24, Wagner 23. Ann Wagner is the first shoe to drop. Steele did much better than expected.

Discuss the election for RNC Chair here. Leave a comment on what you think about the race and the RNC. You can watch the voting live at C-SPAN.

Candidates for Chair:

Reince Priebus

Michael Steele

Saul Anuzis

Maria Cino

Ann Wagner

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