04.20.2011 0

60% Oppose a Government ID for Online Security

Cyber Security Agents

Good news! 60% of Americans oppose the government issuing an ID for online security, according to a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports.

The government ID has been pushed hard by the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security, but has found little support. Even 64% of Democrats oppose the notion of providing their online purchasing habits to the government.

The proposed government ID would be used for online transactions, and would intend to protect online consumers from fraud by providing a government ID which would enhance security and privacy on the internet. But it appears that there are few people who actually want the government to have the amount of data necessary for such a system to be implemented.

How odd it is that the same folks who whine and complain when reasonable efforts are made to ensure that voters present valid government ID to cast a vote in an election propose the creation of a government ID for online security. Hypocrisy much?

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