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Hatch Blasts the Obama Administration’s Proposal to Force Firms to Disclose Political Donations

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has also weighed in on the executive order that the Obama administration is floating which would require firms to disclose their political donations before being eligible to receive Federal contracts:

“The Obama administration’s politically motivated executive order, conditioning federal contracts on disclosure of campaign contributions, is a gross abuse of executive power.  Quite frankly, this decision to pry into the political activity of federal contractors looks like the Obama administration’s version of an Enemies List.  The administration’s decision to rewrite campaign finance law through regulatory order is an assault on the First Amendment and an affront to the American businesses and entrepreneurs who compete each and every day to obtain valuable contracts through the federal government. Stifling innovation in this country to achieve political gains negates the very benefits provided by a free and democratic society and no American should ever feel a job or economic opportunity is at risk because of their political affiliation. This proposal is politics at its worst.”

For those that think that the disclosure of donations is important, we ask, would you be ok if a firm was denied a contract simply because they donated to the party that is out of power?

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