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The Battle Over Public Employee Unions Is Not Against the Workers, It’s Against the Union Bosses

Big Labor is Fighting Us

By Adam Bitely – Fire fighters. Policemen. Teachers. Medics. Those are the professions that Democrats and Big Labor are falsely claiming to be under assault from the well-reasoned folks that support limiting the collective bargaining power of public sector employee unions.

Simply put, those professions are not under attack from anyone.

A troubling report in the Washington Post covered a married couple in Ohio that was feeling as if their professions (one was a fire fighter, the other a nurse) had been marginalized by the recent budget showdowns that have involved several states curtailing the collective bargaining power of the unions.

Indeed, the unions have come under scrutiny, but the employees have not. After all, it is the unions that are bleeding the state dry.

In every case across the nation, Governors are trying to push back against Big Labor to save public sector jobs—not destroy them. It is greedy labor bosses that are standing in the way of keeping America’s public sector employees at work and spreading falsehoods all the while.

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker successfully curbed the power of the public employee unions in his state, Big Labor and their Democrat politician goons cried loudly that the governor and his “right-wing” supporters were trying to force the state employees out of their jobs. On the other hand, a fact that Big Labor refused to consider and deceptively hid from the employees that they claim to represent, had Governor Walker not taken the action he did, he would have had to immediately begin laying off state employees.

Irresponsible reports from the main stream media have attempted to change the terms of the debate. Why is it that the Washington Post and numerous other MSM outlets have given up on providing objective coverage in an effort to play nice with the special interest labor unions? The battles in these states are about government budgets that have ballooned beyond belief and politicians that have promised too much with no intention of ever being able to keep those promises. Greedy labor bosses and corrupt politicians have decided that they shall not share the sacrifice that so many are making as state governments are hit with the harsh reality that the money just simply isn’t there.

Instead of being responsible, union bosses and their politician cronies have decided that everyone else must give up their own money to keep them in place through higher taxes. The public employee unions refuse to give an inch of their power to save the jobs of the employees that they claim to represent. So, after one realizes that, one must wonder whose interests they actually represent? Clearly they are representing the interests of the labor bosses and spitting on the state employees whose wages they pilfer for union dues.

At the end of this debate, one can clearly see that Big Labor uses the employees as pawns on the political power chess board, claiming that anyone who disagrees with the power of the union bosses must inherently hate all public employees. They use the employees that they represent as nothing more than a tool to stir up emotions rather than provide responsible representation. Any rational and objective observer of these battles can see through these shameless arguments leveled from the labor bosses. People do not have less respect for firemen today than they did on this day last year—they just have less respect for the “fat cat” labor bosses that represent them while looting the taxpayers.

Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamBitely.

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