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Washingtonian Magazine June 2011 Issue: Will Dominique Strauss-Khan Be the Next President of France?

The June 2011 issue of the Washingtonian magazine features a story that makes little sense given events that have unfolded over the past couple of weeks.

The odd story is titled “The Invisible Man”, and tells the story of the former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan with heavy suggestions that he will be the next President of France. Keep in mind, this is the June 2011 issue. DSK was arrested for allegedly forcing a hotel maid to have sexual relations with him on May 14. By the morning of May 15, there wasn’t a single soul that thought that DSK would be President of anything.

The magazine arrived at my apartment just a couple of days earlier, but about 10 days after he was arrested. Why was the Washingtonian unable to rotate this story out after the news broke?

The story includes interesting nuggets, such as former President Bill Clinton encouraging DSK to run for President in France. When DSK asked, “So, Bill, should I go back? Should I run?”, Clinton responds, “Of course you should!”.

The DSK puff piece was updated on the Washingtonian’s website to reflect his arrest, but the original story was still distributed almost 10 days after the fact to subscribers–which makes little sense.

Check out these images from the June 2011 issue below:

Dominique Strauss Kahn will be the next President of France?

The Washingtonian June 2011 Issue

DSK in the Washingtonian

DSK is the Invisible Man in the Washingtonian

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