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Did Obama Film Campaign Video In the Map Room of the White House?

The folks over at The Corner and Verum Serum are making a compelling argument that a recent Obama fundraising video was shot in The Map Room of the White House, and not in the Obama residence as the administration is contending.

Check out these photos of Obama shooting his weekly address in the Map Room, and compare them with a photo taken from a video Obama used to raise money with:

Obama Taping Weekly Address In Map Room

Obama taping his weekly address in the Map Room

Obama taping address in Map Room

More of Obama taping his weekly address in the Map Room

And here is a shot from his recent campaign video asking people to donate to get a chance to eat dinner with him. Notice the similar lamp and other stuff in the room:

Obama Fundraising Video in Map Room

Was this fundraising video shot in the Map Room?

It seems like someone isn’t telling the truth…

Matt Cover over at CNS News points out that the Map Room has been used in the past for some Organizing for America videos to be filmed. So why is Obama lying?

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