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Rep. Xavier Becerra uses seat on ‘Super-Committee’ to raise campaign cash…

This is pretty low:

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D., Calif.) has begun touting his seat on the exclusive panel to raise money for his political campaign.

Just hours after Mr. Becerra was named to the committee today, his political supporter began inviting Wall Street lobbyists to a fund-raising event for the congressman that touts his services on the committee.

“We hope you will join us for what will most certainly be a most timely and insightful event,” read an invitation sent from Jim Hart, an official with the Investment Company Institute, for the Aug. 31 fund-raiser. In bold letters, the email said the fund-raiser will feature Mr. Becerra, who is “not only vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, but who also has just been named to the new deficit reduction committee.

“This will be Mr. Becerra’s first event since being named to the commission and may be one of the first for any of the twelve members of the group,” the invitation continued. “This even could give all attendees a glimpse into what will most assuredly be the primary topic of discussion between now and the end of the year.”

Mr. Becerra wasted no time trying to cash in on his new role. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced at about noon that Mr. Becerra won a seat on the committee. The fund-raising invitation was sent a few minutes before 2 p.m., according to a copy obtained by Washington Wire.

Well, we know where the priorities of this person lie…

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