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Sovereignty lost is liberty lost

Silvio BerlusconiBy Bill Wilson – Only now, nearly four years into the economic maelstrom of the financial crisis, do we see the real cost: national independence and sovereignty. It isn’t our money the Masters of the Universe want. It’s not land or other hard assets they crave. It’s our freedom they want, and the freedom of every other developed nation.

Now, I understand that at first blush such a statement may come across as a bit “black helicopter-ish” in tone and content. But, look at the facts.

Europe is the more severe and apparent case but the same process is taking place in Japan and the United States. Greece and the other second-tier economies were allowed to borrow at will, piling on debt so high that their small populations could never repay them. And, then the rug is pulled out from under them. What was the price of bailout? Submit to dictates from the EU. Greece was handed a laundry list of actions it had to take. Effectively, their governments were shoved aside while international bureaucrats took control.

Now, we learn that the same thuggish process has taken place in Italy. Prime Minister Berlusconi reportedly said, “With all those letters and communiqués, they [according to the paper, ‘they’ refer to the European Central Bank, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel] made us appear as a government under a compulsory administration. This is not true. Also, they decided to intervene in favour of our bonds to save themselves, not Italy.”

Ireland, Portugal, and Spain have also tasted the boot of the EU masters — either do as they say or drown. But, as Mr. Berlusconi so aptly points out, it is not Italy or Greece or any other country that is being “saved,” it is the banks and the tiny handful of plutocrats who own and run them. He warned that “if today it’s our turn, tomorrow it can be Paris’s turn.”

Entire nations of Europe are being pillaged to cover the bad bets of the banks. And the ultimate sacrifice demanded is their national integrity, their national independence. No more authoritative voice than socialist currency manipulator George Soros demands nothing less. In a column published recently, the socialist money-man called on Germans to, in effect, suck it up — pay the tab for Europe. Full national integration with nations losing the right to make fundamental spending decisions — sovereignty — is the price Soros and his predator band demand.

A similar fate awaits the U.S. We have a President who proclaims the problems can be addressed if we just fix our “broken” political system. Parroted by Obama-poodle Ezra Kline in the Washington Post, there never is a discussion of exactly what changes have to be made to our political system in order to “fix things.” But given Obama’s authoritarian tendencies and the demands of his union and radical “green” backers you can be sure of one thing; America will surrender even more of its independence to international gaggles, alphabet-soup UN agencies, and the world financial overseers.

From day one, Obama has pressed to submerge the United States under the thumb of others. His refusal to acknowledge the unique role of America in the world, his constant bowing and scraping to “world opinion,” and his unilateral implementation of un-ratified treaties all point to where he wants to take us.

The incessant call to bind the productive nations of the world into world organizational control, whether the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the G22 or other lesser known bodies, is becoming the hallmark of the economic crisis. Gordon Brown, the former socialist Prime Minister of Great Britain, wrote just this week of the need for a “world solution” to the financial crisis. Others are joining the chorus.

Americans were warned of this early in our history. As George Washington observed in his Farewell Address, “foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government”. America, or European nations or Japan for that matter, will not find prosperity or peace by submitting to the internationalists. The World Governance crowd has nothing for us. They are the enemy of all that is truly American.

So, my first suggestions for budget cuts to the extra-legal Super Committee would be to eliminate all funding for the IMF, the World Bank and the UN. If we need to spend money overseas to support and defend the U.S., let accountable, U.S. employees spend it; not unelected, faceless bureaucrats who in their heart hate American independence and sovereignty.

Bill Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

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