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09.15.2011 0

Bill limiting the NLRB passes the House

Moments ago, a bill that would limit the powers of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) passed the House 238-186. This bill is a good first step towards reining in the out of control NLRB.

The bill had the support of 8 Democrats and 230 Republicans and was sponsored by Rep. Tim Scott.

The bill would restrict the federal government from telling companies whether or not they could relocate within the U.S..

ALG President Bill Wilson said the following about the bill passing, “The House of Representatives took a good first step today in beginning to address the arrogant, political, overreaching behavior of the NLRB.  While Rep. Tim Scott’s bill addresses a symptom of the agency’s history of political favoritism, Congress now needs to address this rogue agency in a more comprehensive manner that cuts to the heart of their misuse of power, abolishing the Board’s quasi-judicial powers allowing it to serve as prosecutor, judge and jury in favor of big labor in the first place.”

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