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Former ACORN Insider Infiltrates Fox News

By Anita MonCrief — The sometimes strange and increasingly alarming “age of Obama” continues to bring the average American startling and upsetting news. The ever reliable Vice President Joe Biden stepped in to add insult on top of injury to the growing number of Americans who identify themselves as part of the Tea Party. From Biden’s equation of the Tea Party to “barbarians” to Obama supporting “Teamster boss James P. Hoffa’s Labor Day call for to “take these sons of bitches out‘” to the ridiculous announcement that Obama has started his own “Project Vote,” the hits just keep on coming.

As Americans deal with the fallout of having an ACORN community organizer running the country, the scattered ACORN alums continue to infiltrate into other trusted institutions. Including Fox News. Jehmu Greene, former National Director of Project Vote currently spends her days undermining Conservative principles from her position as a Fox News contributor. Greene’s tenure at Project Vote coincided with this reporter’s stint there. Curiously, Greene’s Huffington Post bio omits the position.

Jehmu Greene

In 2006 ACORN was running a massive campaign across the country to raise the minimum wage. Their efforts were tied in with Project Vote’s voter registration drive and the subsequent take over of the House of Representatives by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. As a tax exempt nonprofit, Project Vote acquired funds to run “non partisan” voter registration drives but “contracted” with partisan ACORN. This 2004 Joint Effort Agreement attempts to provide legal cover for two organizations that, during my tenure, operated seamlessly as one.

Project Vote’s was started in 1982 by Sandy Newman, a friend of Barack Obama. As Ballotpedia states:

“Project Vote (or Voting for America, Inc.[1]) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. According to its website, Project vote provides ‘professional training, management, evaluation and technical services on a broad continuum of key issues related to voter engagement and participation in low-income and minority communities.’ It was founded in 1982 by Sandy Newman and its current executive director is Michael Slater, who has worked for Project Vote since 2004.[2],[3],[4]

“Project Vote has three primary programs, the Voter Participation Program, the Election Administration Program, and the NVRA Implementation Program…

“One of Project Vote’s most successful voter registration drives was directed by U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama in Chicago during 1992. Sandy Newman, a friend of Barack Obama’s, recruited Obama to return to Chicago and head up a massive third-party voter registration effort on behalf of Project Vote. According to Barack Obama himself, the objective of the 1992 program was to organize and assist minority and other disenfranchised communities to ‘get out to vote.'[17]. “

As Project Vote National Director, Greene was responsible for fundraising which included grant applications and contracts. This application from the Tides Foundation (a known ACORN funder that even had ACORN founder, Wade Rathke on its board), shows that Greene was the responsible party for this grant.

In 2008 when the relationship between ACORN, Obama and Project Vote came to light, Project Vote tried to scrub its history and claim no real association with ACORN. Project Vote’s own website states that it has been around since 1982 and several of its grant application reference this year, but Project Vote and Obama both maintain that he worked for a different organization that was started around 1994. This organization, they claim, of course, was never affiliated with ACORN. The screen shot below was taken in 2009  of Project Vote’s website.

Here is the current website and a copy of their 990 tax return.

See Line “L”

The question becomes “What did Jehmu Greene know and when did she know it? Management meeting notes dated 8/11/2006 that were submitted into evidence in the Pennsylvania case Moyer vs. ACORN show that Greene was heavily involved with Sandy Newman and his Wellspring Advisors.

“Jehmu – EAC [Election Assistance Commission] grants for two cities to recruit poll workers for about $17K each. Marisla Foundation giving $50K for operating support. Other still pending with amounts TBD.

ZAP [Zach Polett] – Wellspring sponsored call with 55 funders and Jehmu is following up with them. On the two EAC contracts Jehmu will bottom-line the details.”

Was the newly minted Fox News contributor aware of the shenanigans going on with ACORN, Citizens Consulting Inc. (CCI) and the various tax exempt ACORN entities?” As late as 2009,  Project Vote still claimed 1982 as when they were founded. Why the sudden change after Obama was elected? Was it to protect the lies of our new president?

Was Project Vote committing fraud by lying about its inception and connection to ACORN on grant applications to foundations and even the United State Election Assistance Committee? More importantly, did the former head of Rock the Vote knowingly work with an organization with one of the worst records regarding voter fraud/voter registration fraud?

A November 2006 email from  Sandy Newman congratulates Jehmu and others:

“Whatever the election outcomes, you guys have done one hell of a job! You have an enormous amount to be proud of. Way to go.”

ACORN’s Kevin Whelan responds back to Jehmu and others saying”

“Thanks. CNN says we won in OH and MO.” and “John Fund is on Headline News saying we are Satan.”

The emphasis is mine, but what stake does a tax exempt, non partisan voter registration organization have in the outcome of an election? Project Vote’s Michael Slater chimes in to interpret John Fund’s post-Election 2006 remarks on CNN.

“John’s just saying our felonious activities have helped exposed flaws in the system that can easily be fixed with common sense reforms like making people show picture ID, register to vote in person and prove their citizenship.”

Voting rights and voter registration fraud are no laughing matter and neither is Jehmu Greene’s relationship with Fox News.  In 2008 Greene’s name was given to several Congressional and Federal investigators as someone with knowledge of ACORN’s inner workings. When the opportunity to stand up presented itself, did Greene choose to protect the Democrat establishment?

Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and other Fox News personalities have been vilified in the mainstream media and threatened in their personal lives for exposing ACORN. It is an insult to them and average Americans to have a former ACORN insider using Fox News to espouse her liberal bias. From attacking Tim Tebow to smugly “representing” blacks during segments called “Has Obama Abandoned the African-American Community?”  one has to question the judgement of Fox when folks like Walter Williams, Star Parker, Alfonzo Rachel and a host of others like them exist in the Conservative movement.

In this time when honest Americans are taunted and threatened by the likes of James P. Hoffa and slandered by the VP, our only hope is to wake up and realize that radicals have assimilated into the very core of our society. The next time we see a split screen like the one below, one can only hope that Ms. Greene is finally answering the tough question that  Fox should have the courage to ask.

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