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Hilda Solis’s American-Made car comes from Canada

Chevrolet EquinoxBuying products solely made in one political territory is a silly idea. Competitive markets require countless sellers, not restricted to one political territory, so that consumers have the most possible options. But to Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, she sets aside commonsense economics and chooses to purchase only those products made in America by Americans. She supposedly set the example by purchasing a Chevrolet Equinox SUV.

Saying of her purchase, “What better example could I set if I encouraged my staff to go and purchase and seek how we could acquire a vehicle that would for me would send a signal that we’re for supporting our American workers, American-made products, fuel efficient as well.”

Sure, there is nothing wrong with purchasing products produced in America, but to pretend as if other companies that exist in other parts of the world should not receive business from Americans is absurd.

Hilda Solis is probably quite surprised to learn though that her purchase of the Chevrolet Equinox was actually supporting Canada, as the car is made in Canada with parts that are also made in Canada. However, Chevrolet/GM is headquartered in the U.S. so its not like all the money from the purchase went to Canadians.

If Solis had wanted to purchase an American car, she should have looked no further than the top American Made care according to Cars.com, the Toyota Camry produced in Georgetown, Kentucky.

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