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More calls for tyranny over America

Jesse Jackson Jr.By Bill Wilson — Things are starting to get serious.  First Peter Orszag, Obama’s former Director for Management and Budget called for “a bit less democracy,” advocating issues relating to the economy be turned over to a panel of experts.  No pesky elected representatives of the people need apply.  Then, North Carolina Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue suggested we skip elections — just to give the government time to sort things out, of course.

And now two more leading lights of the socialist Democrats has chipped in.  Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. in an interview has called on Obama to use “extra-constitutional” means and simply order the expenditure of $1 trillion a year to bailout states and cities and to hire the 15 million unemployed as government employees.

No, this is not a nightmare; unless it actually happens.  Jackson likened Obama to Lincoln and suggested the President could simply take matters into his own hands and end all the problems.  Of course Jackson doesn’t say where the $1 trillion would come from, just that it would be a neat idea to eliminate unemployment by giving out 15 million $40,000 a year jobs and paying the debts of bankrupt, corrupt state governments like his own in Illinois.

And then comes MSNBC gabber Chris Matthews.  Matthews, in a rant, calls for “radical solutions” that go “beyond the normal list of progressive or conservative tools we’ve used to fix problems.”  Just to make sure everyone gets the point, Matthews concludes by saying, “We may, as a society, have to take direct action to put people to work.”

Direct action?  As in Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s advocacy of Obama taking on dictatorial powers?

What all of these radical, near treasonous statements have in common is a disdain for the American people.  They are all based on the inability of the Left to get what they want from Congress.  Jackson went so far as allege that Congress itself was in a state of rebellion and that such “rebellion” gave Obama the right and the power to simply ignore the Constitution and do as he pleases.

Yes, Mr. Jackson, the Congress is in a state of rebellion; rebellion against a mindless, destructive and all too often corrupt agenda pushed relentlessly by the Obama regime.  And that is exactly what the American people voted for 2010.  The public wanted the Obama agenda blocked and, if at all possible, reversed.

So, what radicals like Jackson and Orszag and Perdue and Matthews are really calling for is overturning the 2010 elections.  They didn’t like the verdict of the American people.  They resent the great unwashed masses having any say in how they mutate America.  And, they sure as hell don’t believe in the founding concept that government must operate with the consent of the governed.  Old fashioned ideas like that have no place in the Brave New World they envision.

It was easy to dismiss these remarks as the ravings of an Ivory Tower hack and a second-rate Governor.  But when you have four people with position inside the Obama world all calling for less democracy, radical solutions that ignore the Constitution and Congress so their schemes can be forced down the throats of the public it’s time to take notice and demand answers.

Is this the true face of the Democrat Party?  Is authoritarian one-man rule — known usually as dictatorship — the path the so-called “progressives” intend to take America?  Where is Barack Obama on all of this, is he a quiet booster or does it repulse him as much as it does all right-thinking citizens?

The weak-sisters of the GOP will shy away from asking such questions.  They know the answers but are more interested in protecting fiefdoms and consulting contracts or exacting revenge for some silly perceived offense.  But the questions must be asked.  The American people have a right to a real debate.

Are we willing to turn over the administration of our lives to unelected bureaucrats?  Should the productive of society be forced to pay the endless bills for the reckless and wasteful spending of the elites?  That is the real debate we as a nation face, the existential question of who we are and who we want to be; a free people in a nation based on the rule of law or just another tired, authoritarian state merging into the international New World Order of debt slaves.

These truly are the battle lines no matter how much the legacy media and the army of talking heads tell us it is something else.  No, the coming battle is not about jobs or debt or deficit spending or some ridiculous “green” agenda.  The battle is over whether or not the very idea of individual liberty and self-governance and personal responsibility will be allowed to exist in the United States.

Bill Wilson the President of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Bill on Twitter at @BillWilsonALG.

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