10.25.2011 0

Rep. John Murtha was investigated by FBI for corruption

Finally the truth begins to emerge. And this story is one that many had long suspected to be true:

Last week’s release of FBI documents finally put in writing what nobody had ever said on the record: The FBI suspected that former Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and lobbyists close to him were running a scheme to funnel earmarks to sham companies and nonprofits to benefit the lawmaker’s friends and former staffers.

Bits and pieces of this story were kicked around for years before Murtha died in February 2010. The Los Angeles Times, Roll Call, the Washington Post and others had documented the odd appearance of earmarks for tiny defense contractors that just happened to open an office in western Pennsylvania and just happened to hire one of the lobbying firms close to Murtha and just happened to begin making campaign donations to Murtha and other Members of Congress close to him.

Simply put, Murtha, like a common house thief, took tax dollars and handed them to his friends. When he died in 2010, much of the MSM praised him for his spreading the wealth type policies that Murtha had billed as “taking care of his district”. Murtha was just another common criminal, an all too common type that exists within D.C..

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