11.21.2011 1

Outrage of the day: SEIU stealing from cerebral palsy patients

By Rebecca DiFede — In a disgusting display of greed a defunded quasi-government organization in Michigan known as the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3), with the help of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), found a way to dupe parents of sick children into giving them some of their much needed healthcare stipend. These tyrants reclassified thousands of parents receiving Medicare for the care of their adult children with cerebral palsy as care givers, thereby forcing them to join the SEIU and pay dues.

This means that for every family receiving aid for their loved one’s debilitating condition, $30 a month must be paid to the SEIU as dues for being a medical caregiver, reducing their government sanctioned benefits. How anyone could support this blatant disregard for humanity is unconscionable, and Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government had something to say about it: “this theft of funds from families with children suffering from cerebral palsy is deplorable. It just goes to show how greedy the SEIU and their allies on the “compassionate” left are when it comes to rounding up government funds.”

Misappropriation of funds is despicable enough, but to deliberately disadvantage families who have already been stricken with hardship, so much so that they need help from the government to pay for their loved ones medical condition, is sickening. The purple shirts at SEIU should hang their heads in shame, but instead they are likely just looking for their next mark.

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