12.16.2011 0

Light bulb ban suspended

As part of the spending agreement reached by Congress to keep the government’s lights on (pun intended) and the doors open, the Federal ban on incandescent light bulbs has been suspended for the time being. This means that you will still be able to purchase light bulbs in January of 2012 that won’t require a HAZMAT team to clean up if they break.

This suspension shows what is possible when people put pressure on their politicians. For the past couple of years, there has been an overwhelming outcry from the public calling for a stop to this senseless meddling in the lives of ordinary Americans. If you can’t even choose how to light your own home, what freedom of autonomy do we really have?

The suspension of this ludicrous ban is a flicker of light that some politicians are getting the message.

But what is most unfortunate is the fact that many jobs were lost because the ban was put in place. At this time, there is no manufacturing facilities that are open in the U.S. to make Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb.

(H/T Politico, Watts Up With That)

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