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New Deputy Commerce Secretary: What the Blank?

By Rebecca DiFede — On Nov. 1, 2011 our illustrious President Obama appointed Rebecca Blank as the Deputy Commerce Secretary. But after hearing her responses to questions in countless interviews, it raises some questions about whether or not she is competent to run a vegetable stand, much less run the Department of Commerce of the United States.

When confronted with the criticism that the government seems to fail massively when it comes to accomplishing all of its promised goals, Blank replies that “with the complexity of the problems that the government faces, we should be pleased that the government gets it right as often as it does.”

I’m sorry, what? Using that reasoning, since brain surgery is so difficult we should be glad that the doctor at least keeps the patient alive some of the time.

In another burst of truly inexplicable faith in the system, Blank said that she thinks the government is more rational and nondiscriminatory than the private sector. She said that, “Another argument for government involvement is that it can often provide services more fairly than the private sector. The more you argue for equal provisions, the more you realize that the government can do that best.”

She cited examples such as nursing homes aids who have more time to talk to patients in government-run facilities than private ones because, unlike them, the big beautiful government is in charge and bringing with it all of the love, support, hope and change in the world.

It truly must be wonderful to live behind such a veil of ignorance. However, although Blank has the right to hallucinate whatever glorious government accomplishments she wants, she should not be in a position of power that deals so heavily with the control of the private sector.

When asked about the recent nomination, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson said “Given her skepticism of the private sector, Blank has no business running the Commerce Department.”

Hopefully our “wise and powerful” leader will heed this advice and dismisses her, otherwise the Commerce Department won’t be the only ones drawing a blank.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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