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Mercedes uses Che to promote car sharing…

Che Guevara and Mercedes

Photo Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET

This is just bizarre. Promoting car sharing at CES in Las Vegas, a car company that caters to luxury made some strange comments and used some strange imagery…:

“Some colleagues still think that car-sharing borders on communism,” Mercedes-Benz Chairman of the Board of Management Dieter Zetsche said onstage at CES today, speaking about Mercedes’ new CarTogether initiative. “But if that’s the case, viva la revolucion!”

If Che had his way, he probably would have shot anyone with a Mercedes who was living a life of luxury. Ah, the irony.

And for those that need some info about how informed the public is about who Che Guevara really was, not just the iconic t-shirt face, please consult the below chart:

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