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Obama promises to close Gitmo… builds a $750 thousand soccer field there instead

By Rebecca DiFede — While campaigning in 2008, one of Obama’s main running points was that he was going to close the notorious terrorist detainee camp at Guantanamo Bay. For years Democrats have cried out about the supposed “atrocities” that the United States has committed against those that are being held there, and were relieved when the Senator from Illinois promised to shut it down for good.

However, true to form, our illustrious president has found keeping this promise to be impossible and has kept the detention center open and running. Not only that, but in his new defense budget he has proposed a $750 thousand project for the inmates, in the form of a brand-new soccer field.

In his ongoing quest to go against all logic and reason, Obama has really outdone himself this time. Instead of closing down an institution which houses some of the United States’ most dangerous enemies, he has endeavored to turn it into some sort of terrorist sleep away camp. This new field will be in addition to the other two recreation fields in the Camp 6 area of Guantanamo Bay, which apparently houses “highly compliant” prisoners.

What’s next, an arts and crafts building?

The issue that seems to be escaping the minds of the Obama Administration is that the people who are detained at Gitmo are not simply there because the U.S. felt like paying to feed and house them. They are there because they have committed acts of terrorism around the world, have taken part in plans that have caused the loss of numerous American and allied lives, and as such should be treated to every luxury one would expect from a maximum security detention center: food, water, and a healthy dose of interrogation.

What the Guantanamo Bay camp was not built for, was a tropical Pee Wee’s playhouse where inmates are allowed to run and frolic as they please. This gargantuan soccer field, purportedly half the size of an American football field, is said to be equipped with special passage ways that will give prisoners “maximum access”, up to twenty hours a day, without needed an escort from the guards.

Because as you know, the rights of the accused also include the right to play sports. Even though when American sports celebrities get arrested for crimes such as drug use and reckless driving (small potatoes compared to acts of global terrorism) they are suspended, jailed and lose their multi-million dollar contracts.

The best part? This ridiculous venture is going to be paid for by the American taxpayers. Exactly the people that are supposed to be protected from the harm caused by these monsters.

So why again are we being asked to provide them with what amounts to more than a private school’s athletic budget?

Oh right, because we have room in the defense budget now, seeing as Obama raised health care payments for service members and their families, while leaving unionized civilians alone. Also, his  most recent budget will spend $47 trillion over the next ten years, raising the national debt by $11 trillion.

But don’t worry guys, he’s cutting spending. We no longer have to pay as much for those pesky veterans to get healthcare. It’s totally worth it!

The ignorance and downright disrespect to our military shown in this new defense budget is nothing short of abhorrent. Not only is President Obama disregarding the sacrifices our armed forces have made to capture and gain information from those detained in Guantanamo Bay, he now wants to use the savings from cutting their medical benefits to build them a new playground.

Because, you know, that definitely sounds fair. Maybe next year if he gets reelected, Obama will take taxpayer money intended to support education and use it to make meth labs safer for drug dealers.

Hope and change, my friends. Let’s hope the Administration will change.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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