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Twitter censoring is getting out of control

UPDATE: We are hearing that @ChrisLoesch got his Twitter account restored. We are still waiting to hear if Twitter has done anything to prevent prog Twitter users from flagging any account they disagree with as spam.

Censored on TwitterLast night, the left-wing Twitter censors came out in force. Just like last week when our own Free Market America project was suspended from Twitter, conservatives rallied late into the night to help free @ChrisLoesch (Chris is the husband of radio host Dana Loesch).

To read up on what went down, check out these links courtesy of Michelle Malkin:

1. Twitter suspends another conservative account; Update: Chris Loesch free, flag-spam prog brigade still loose; Update: Loesch suspended again

2. Twitter, you have a problem: An infestation of radical flag-spam abusers

3. Dissent for me, but not for thee: liberals justify Twitter gulag for conservatives

Hopefully when Chris gets his account back he doesn’t get a bogus answer saying that he “accidentally” got caught in their “automated spam filters”. After all, progs are all over taking credit for flagging his account as spam–an act that shows that this isn’t some sort of “automated” issue…

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