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Bob McDonnell compromises on Voter Fraud…

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnellBob McDonnell is a typical politician. Like most everyone else in political office, he is scheming for the next big elected job. And to get there he will cut deals and compromise with everyone along the way. For Bob, it seems that he will cut any deal and compromise any value to stay in power.

His latest compromise comes at the expense of the democratic form of government.

From J. Christian Adams at PJ Media:

McDonnell signed an extraordinarily timid voter ID bill last week and then ordered the state board of elections to mail voter cards to every voter. The cards, which do NOT contain photo identification, can be used in the polls instead of a photo ID. In other words, anyone who obtains one of the cards can still vote in the name of a dead voter. Consider the actions of Lafayette Keaton in Oregon for an example of how this could work. Keaton is not the only person to have voted in the name of the dead. But mailing of the cards eliminates the argument that some voters will not have ID to use on election day, except it really doesn’t.

See, rational people presume mailing new cards to every voter solves the problem.


But voter fraud deniers aren’t rational people. They fear that irresponsible voters will lose their cards, that the disorganized and marginal will misplace their cards and be disenfranchised on election day. The voter fraud deniers use the lowest-common-denominator voter to argue that any given election integrity measure disenfranchises voters.

Most Republicans, rarely exposed to the deniers and activist groups like Project Vote, never encounter these extremist arguments. In other words, they underestimate the enemy.

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