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Obama & Biden’s Excellent Adventure

By Rebecca DiFede — Since its birth in 1776, America has been fortunate to have some of the greatest leaders of the time take office as president. Former presidents such as Lincoln and Reagan led with courage and steadfast dedication, and left indelible legacies behind for future generations.

Without the vast impact that our predecessors had on this great nation, America would not be as it is today. And it is the job of the current (and future) administrations to follow in their footsteps, learning from their mistakes and striving to adapt to the changing world around them.

It is not, however, appropriate for a current president to disrespect the accomplishments of past administrations by re-appropriating them as your own.

Just like in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where the protagonists hop through time and insert themselves into famous scenarios, so has our illustrious president gone and placed himself in all of the biographies of past presidents except Gerald Ford, all the way back to Calvin Coolidge. He has seen it fit to cite himself as continuing their legacy with one of his programs which he has cleverly co-opted.

Totally bogus, dude.

This shameless self-promotion stinks unmistakably of desperation. Obama’s approval ratings have been dropping of late, and with the economy sinking faster than a lead anchor and the job and housing markets barely staying afloat, he needs to stack his deck as much as possible before November.

With Romney nipping at his heels, the lackluster incumbent must continuously come up with ways to divert attention away from his failed record as a first term president. So he has decided to go back in time and pretend that what he was doing was only following the leadership of past presidents.

As if. Although if he was trying to imitate Carter, he’s doing a fine job.

Unfortunately for the great and powerful Bam, the entire country can see that little buffoon smirking behind the curtain.

He is no more responsible for the accomplishments of President Eisenhower than he is for those of Charlie Sheen (although, he did admit to using coke in college…).

The president’s dog and pony show won’t last for too long. And with the election looming on the horizon, it’s high time he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, looked into the mirror, and admitted he was wrong.

Luckily, after a fiasco like this, one thing’s for sure: no one will try to insert themselves into Obama’s biography.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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