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‘Yes we can!’ has become ‘Let’s try again’

By Rebecca DiFede — President Obama was once the most popular kid on the political playground. He had the most friends, had the coolest toys and everyone wanted him at their birthday party.

Elected de facto prom king of America, he was constantly in the spotlight. He was widely regarded as something of a prodigy, and he had more love and adoration than he had ever dreamed.

But time passed, and the glory of the crown faded. And as it did, so did the rosy colored light that his subjects saw him in.

And now, four years later, how the mighty have fallen.

President Obama once said that “there are no red states or blue states — just the United States of America.” Not so anymore, apparently.

The last few rounds of the primaries have been rough for our illustrious president, especially in the South. Although often times he faced little known opponents, or no opponent at all, it seems that some people just couldn’t hold fast to his “hope and change” philosophy anymore.

At the Democratic primary in Arkansas he earned 59 percent of the vote, while the other 41 percent went to his challenger John Wolfe, a relatively unknown man who’d barely had enough money to enter the race, let alone run a campaign.

The shaky incumbent didn’t fare so well in Kentucky either. He ran unopposed, and yet only received 57.9 percent of the vote. The remaining 42 percent were listed as “uncommitted”, which I think is a good indication of the current state of Obama’s support group.

Commitment-phobes may prove to be unreliable come election day.

And as proof that when it rains, it pours, President Obama also saw disappointing results in West Virginia. While he won with 57 percent of the vote, the other 43 percent went to Keith Judd, a convicted felon from Texas, currently serving time in a federal prison.

Yup, that’s right. A large number of West Virginia residents would rather trust their country in the hands of a man convicted of extortion rather than in the hands of a Harvard Law graduate who couldn’t lawyer his way out of a paper bag.

I’m not sure what’s worse for the president; losing 4 in 10 Democratic voters in West Virginia to a criminal, or losing an even larger percentage of Democratic voters in Kentucky to…no one.

Obama went from the captain of the football team to the kid who gets picked last in gym class. If he can’t maintain control of his followers, he may find himself passing the torch to someone else come November.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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