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Is Obama unfit, stupid or lying?

By Rick ManningPresident Obama can’t remember how much the national debt is on Letterman show?


I guess when you can’t be bothered with intelligence briefings, you can’t be expected to know that Egypt is a traditional ally.

And when you can’t be bothered with our nation’s economic crisis and the plight of more than 23 million Americans who want full-time work but cannot find it, you could not be expected to know that the economy crippling national debt is more than $16 trillion – up more than $5 trillion since you took the helm.

If Obama truly did not know what the national debt is, he is either unfit or stupid. If he does, then he lied. Unfit, stupid or liar, I guess the people will have to decide which it is.

Rick Manning is the Communications Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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