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Tim Kaine’s ‘No Pocket Goes Unpicked’ initiative

By Rick Manning — Kaine supports taxing your kid’s babysitting money through a minimum federal income tax.

In an announcement that has been deemed, “the no pocket goes unpicked” initiative, Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine has come out for an income tax on every single person in America who makes any money whatsoever. It is unclear whether Kaine believes that food stamps or other government income enhancers should be counted as income for tax purposes, but clearly Timmy is envious of all those kids who are babysitting for a couple of bucks to download the latest Justin Bieber ear assault.

Timmy’s no pocket goes unpicked initiative conjures a vision of Uncle Sam in every wallet. If Kaine’s vision wins, your pay check loses…

Rick Manning is the Communications Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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