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Callous Big Labor–New Jersey turns away non-union utility workers

Big Labor is Fighting UsBy Rick Manning — Americans come together in a crisis, unless those Americans are in a closed shop union state that has been hit by the biggest natural disaster it has ever faced.

It has been reported by WAFF news in Seaside, New Jersey that non-union utility workers from Alabama have been told their help is not needed because they don’t pay union dues.

While Governor Chris Christie has been busily singing Kumbaya with Obama, his state has raised a gigantic help not wanted sign to the 93 percent of American workers who have chosen to reject the union label.

Rather than helicopter touring photo ops, perhaps Christie should issue an emergency executive order the way Governor Pete Wilson did in California after the 1989 earthquakes devastated much of the infrastructure in the Bay area.

What Wilson did is change the contracting game providing incentives for getting the job done early, and broke the labor stranglehold on the reconstruction that allowed California to be rebuilt in record time.

That would be leadership that Christie could show that would mean something to getting the emergency clean up done rapidly, power restored and the people of New Jersey somewhat back to normal.

Instead, right now, we have images of devastation and stories of those who are most qualified to help from around the nation being told, get the heck out of New Jersey.

Sadly, at a time when the rest of America wants to pull together and restore the Jersey shore, Big Labor and the laws they have pushed through Trenton put up a big NO HELP WANTED sign.

And in the end, it is the people of New Jersey who suffer at the hands of these union thugs who care more about their power and control than the people who are suffering grievously in their state.

Shame, shame, shame.

Rick Manning is the Communications Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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