11.08.2012 1

Mandate? The election was much closer than you may think

Jim Geraghty makes a great point yesterday:

here’s a look at Obama’s vote margin in some key states as of this afternoon (these figures will change a bit as those straggling precincts report in):

Virginia: 107,339

Ohio: 100,763

Florida: 47,493

Colorado: 111,094

Nevada: 66,379

Total: 433,068

So for less than 500,000 votes where it counted, Mitt Romney could have had 281 votes in the Electoral College this morning. There have been about 118 million votes tallied nationwide so far.

The mandate that the left thinks they have for the next 4 years is quite overblown. Doug Ross put it best:

convincing 1/10th of one percent of the American population to vote for fiscal rectitude would have changed the course of history.

Mandate my ass. And if you think this razor-thin margin will make Barack Obama more willing to cooperate with the 49.99% of Americans who voted against him, well, I’ve got some land on the Whitewater River in Arkansas I’d like to sell you.

Turnout mattered. And Romney lost on Tuesday by less than 500,000 votes if you break it down. Does that sound like a mandate for Obama to you?

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