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Hilda Solis is resigning from the Department of Labor

The Department of Big LaborBarack Obama has just announced that Hilda Solis is resigning from her post as the Secretary of the Department of (Big) Labor.

According to a Politico breaking news alert:

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is resigning from the Obama administration. “Over her long career in public service – as an advocate for environmental justice in California, state legislator, member of Congress and Secretary of Labor – Hilda Solis has been a tireless champion for working families,” President Barack Obama said in a statement. “Over the last four years, Secretary Solis has been a critical member of my economic team as we have worked to recover from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and strengthen the economy for the middle class.”

Clearly, the “critical” part that she played in the recovery was helping in stalling any sort of a recovery. Below are some of the greatest hits from her stint as head of the Labor Department:

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