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That’s the State of the Union?

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By Rick ManningHaven’t we heard this somewhere before?

How about that bold line by Obama that the laundry list of programs he presented would not add a dime to the deficit?  The last time Obama was heard making this promise was in 2009 when he was urging Congress to jam Obamacare down America’s throat.

We know how that is working out with the latest estimates for the ten year cost of Obamacare a full $500 billion higher than the last time he promised that it would not add a dime to the deficit.  He didn’t lie, it didn’t add a dime, it is projected to cost about 5 trillion dimes more in just the next ten years.

Hey, what happened to cutting the deficit in half?

Even for those who believe that all those programs will be revenue neutral, remember that promising to not add to the deficit is actually a statement of intent to maintain the current deficit of $1 trillion a year for as long as Obama is president.  A far cry from the Obama who promised to cut the deficit in half in 2009, or even the Obama 2012 campaign which continually used a throwaway line in their ads promising to lower our nation’s debt.  It is hard to lower the debt when you don’t have a plan to even lower how much our nation adds to the debt each year.

Infrastructure repair spending, wasn’t that what the 2009 stimulus was supposed to do?

Remember shovel ready jobs?  Well after spending almost a trillion dollars in so-called stimulus in the past few years, Obama is trying to sell America on spending even more money using the same spiel.  It is pretty clear that Obama was shoveling as fast as he could, and everyone knows what’s on his shovel.

Government pre-school for all

The early indoctrination, er, government run pre-school program proposed by Obama will be cheered by one group of people – those sitting in the National Education Association headquarters.  Government pre-school means being able to capture those pre-school “teachers” into their membership web.  And of course, Obama can depend upon a portion of those compulsory union dues to be recycled back into his political machine.  It doesn’t take a degree from the nation’s finest pre-school to understand what is at the bottom of this public employee union expansion plan.

Obama won’t wait on climate change

Imperial Obama told Congress that he doesn’t care what they think, he is going to move forward with putting even more job killing regulations into place under the guise of climate change.  At some point, don’t you think that if Congress actually wants to stop this nonsense, they would just cut the EPA’s funds with riders stopping them from pursuing this subversion of the Constitution?

Oil dependency down, no thanks to Obama 

Taking great pains to grab credit for lowering the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, Obama somehow forgot to mention that this achievement is in spite of his administration’s actions.  Oil dependency has gone down due to the use of hydraulic fracturing in places like Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Texas.  The result is lower utility costs and the creation of high paying jobs, which has done more to benefit the middle class and poor than all the programs this president has supported combined.

But for this President, who has declared war on all fossil fuel development as a prime cause of his first term and then restated that commitment in the same speech to perversely claim credit for what is happening on private and state land is not just laughable, but pathetic.

Of course, try to find that in the mainstream media, which is filled with intellectuals like CNN reporter Deborah Feyerik who very recently asked Bill Nye the science guy if an approaching asteroid was the result of climate change.   Can anyone doubt the complete indoctrination that has occurred amongst the supplicants on the left that every occurrence should and can be tied to global warming, when a presumably educated reporter asks if a foreign object travelling through space can be tied to it?

And believe it or not they let Feyerik vote in real elections that actually count.  This fact, more than anything else probably explains why our Union is in the State it is in.

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the Vice President of Public Policy & Communications at Americans for Limited Government

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