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Humor and Hypocrisy from Senate Democrats

The humorous movement of the week goes to Sen. Harry Reid who made a team about the “National Mets”, “this team that we are so happy to have here in Washington.”  Hard to believe he’s such a fan of them if he can’t get their name right.

This week the Senate Democrats are holding the threat of using the nuclear opposition over Republican heads to try to force them into allowing the confirmation of radical Obama appointees like Gina McCarthy and Thomas Perez.  While Republicans should be proud to obstruct these radical nominees, they seem to be operating out of fear.  At a time like this it is entertaining to watch the Democrat statements about eliminating the filibuster from a few years ago.

Obama’s 2005 statement on the filibuster included the following:

Here is a priceless montage from a number of other leading Senate Democrats:

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