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It’s a mad world: Rotten Apple edition

By Rick Manning

New York City tabloids have to be sponsoring this year’s City elections.

In case you missed it, and I don’t know how you could have, the unfortunately and predictively named Anthony Weiner is mounting a comeback with his run to become the next Mayor of New York.  Weiner is considered a front runner in the race in spite of his being forced from Congress.  Even Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got so disgusted by the Weiner sexting revelations that she demanded he resign.

And if a high profile Weiner was not enough for the tabloids, disgraced former New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer has entered the race for Comptroller of the City of New York.  Matt Boyle of Breitbart.com reports that Kristin Davis, who has already declared for the seat has attacked Spitzer with both guns blazing saying,

“’Eliot Spitzer broke state and federal laws in his use of prostitutes and paid no penalty; I broke the law and paid my debt to society,’ Davis said in a statement released Monday morning. ‘There cannot be two standards of justice, one for the average citizen and another for the political and social elite.’

“Davis then took several shots at what she considers Spitzer’s legally questionable political past. ‘Eliot Spitzer financed his two campaigns for Attorney General with illegal loans from his father, misused state resources to spy on his political opponents in Troopergate, pressured companies to hire his cronies as a conditions of settling charges with the Attorney General’s Office and violated Federal money laundering laws when he sought to hide his use of call-girls,’ Davis said. ‘This is our next City Comptroller?’

Comptroller candidate Davis has a special awareness of Mr. Spitzer’s covert activities that brought down his governorship, having acted as his madame, reputedly procuring for him the very prostitutes that led to his downfall.

Of course, Spitzer’s strategy in choosing to run in this race is to get all of the scandal out of the way, win the race, and effectively be rehabilitated in the eyes of the media.

In case the NY city elections are not special enough, New York’s current wacky, billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg  is back at it.  Still smarting from his large soda ban going by the wayside, Bloomberg signed an edict demanding that every resident of the City compost their waste.

Yes, keeping your smelly coffee grinds, egg shells, banana peels and food scraps in a container to decompose for a long period of time is now required in the City.  Even composters think this idea is nuts.

The Washington Times quotes Jeff Stier, the New York City-based director of risk analysis for the National Center for Public Policy Research, a composting supporter as saying, “…we live in a big city, not on a farm, and while composting is a great idea in certain circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to mandate that all New York residents save their rotting food,” he says. “Consider the increased risks from disease-carrying vermin, a problem the city still hasn’t conquered, from all of the pre-compost material sitting around our dense living spaces.”

Considering the rats that New York City voters are likely to elect to local office in the months ahead, why is anyone surprised that the current Mayor wants New Yorkers to save their rotten apples unfazed by the likelihood of attracting the four legged kind?

Ole’ Blues Eyes would be weeping if he could see the City that never sleeps now.

Rick Manning is the Vice President of Public Policy and Communications for Americans for Limited Government.

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