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Eleven state attorneys general stand for the rule of law

By Rick Manning

Eleven states are now challenging the legal ability of the Obama administration to unilaterally change and delay portions of the Affordable Care Act without the consent of Congress. As The Hill reported:

“Eleven GOP attorneys general say the Obama administration is breaking the law by constantly making changes to ObamaCare without going through Congress. 

The attorneys general specifically criticize President Obama’s executive action that allowed insurance companies to keep offering health plans that had been cancelled for not meeting ObamaCare’s more rigorous standards.

They also add that congressional races, whether for the House or Senate, could swing as easily on local priorities as on broader questions of the national economy. And in some cases, the local economic story is different from the emerging national trend.”

Read the Hill’s full story here.

Americans for Limited Government applauds the decision by these eleven state attorneys general to challenge the administration’s notion that it can change the law of the land by executive fiat.

The United States is a nation of laws and the actions of 11 state attorneys general to uphold the law should not be noteworthy. However, in today’s environment, where the president believes he can wave a magic wand and dispense with the letter of the law, it is praiseworthy that the following attorneys general are doing what’s right and taking a stand:

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (Author) — West Virginia

Attorney General Luther Strange — Alabama

Attorney General Sam Olens — Georgia

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden — Idaho

Attorney General Derek Schmidt — Kansas

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell — Louisiana

Attorney General Bill Schuette — Michigan

Attorney General Jon Bruning — Nebraska

Attorney General Scott Pruitt — Oklahoma

Attorney General Greg Abbott — Texas

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli — Virginia

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The only question that remains, then, is where are the other 39?

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