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Earth Day VIDEO: “If I Wanted America to Fail”

if-i-wanted-america-to-failTwo years ago, Americans for Limited Government and Free Market America released “If I Wanted American to Fail.” Viewed by tens of millions, the video took America by storm with its concluding statement, “If I wanted America to fail, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Twenty four moths more of the Obama administration’s policies has only exacerbated the problems addressed in the video — EPA regulations are killing the coal industry and threaten natural gas, the internet’s on the cusp of being given away, minimum wage hikes could kill millions more jobs, and energy prices continue to rise.

On Earth Day 2014, it’s important to remember to conservation doesn’t come at the cost of energy security and high standards of living. American families deserve the inexpensive energy that’s more possible today than ever before.

Watch the video below:

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