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VIDEO – Sting operation uncovers scummy Hollywood environmentalist agenda with reporter disguised as a Middle Eastern oil tycoon


This video is not fiction. Hollywood regularly takes cash from anti-American interests to fund environmentalist propaganda.

The Matt Damon film Promised Land, which attempted to scandalize the entire natural gas industry, was primarily funded by Middle Eastern oil giants looking to undermine American energy companies.

Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign was funded by a $26 million grant from Chesapeake Energy, a natural gas company competing directly with the coal industry for penetration in the domestic energy market.

Just as Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire famously shouted to Cuba Gooding Jr., the Hollywood environmentalist propagandists are shouting “show me the money” to anyone and everyone willing to support the far-left agenda. Because in Hollywood, where the money comes from is quite irrelevant to their grand scheme.

video via The Hollywood Reporter

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