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Barack Obama has border sovereignty problems

Crazy_BorderBy Tom Toth

Barack Obama this week continues his fundraising tour from one Democrat fat-cat hotspot to the other while wars rage and lawlessness dominates the headlines as nations crumble around the globe and in his own back yard burns with anarchy. But no matter because, as his communications director sagely put it, changing the President’s schedule “can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.”

And we most certainly would want that. After all, it’s an election summer!

But the apathetic responses to each of the crises from the last couple weeks reveals a trend showing exactly what Barack Obama thinks — or, rather, doesn’t think — about the value of border sovereignty.

Russian-backed Ukrainian terrorists shot down a private airliner with a highly sophisticated Russian ground-to-air missile within Ukraine’s borders, killing just under 300 people. Just another tragedy in a war between Russia’s murderous surrogates and a militarily second-rate nation begging Obama for military equipment; requests, by the way, which were met with the airdrops of “Meals Ready to Eat” food packets. Putin’s shaking in his bearskin boots.

A few hundred miles south, Hamas relentlessly and indiscriminately shoots missiles over the Israeli border into civilian neighborhoods, treating the last “ceasefire” agreement as a mere attempt to catch Israel off-guard and kill as many Jews as possible. Israel, America’s only actual ally in the region and the only Jewish state in existence, is currently waging a ground war to defend its New Jersey-sized nation from radical barbarians housing children next to missiles and launchers. The response from the Obama administration? Sending John Kerry to bloviate to Netanyahu about Vietnam and negotiate another cease fire with which Hamas has no incentive to do anything but, again, take advantage and kill more Jewish civilians.

Well, at least the President’s consistent.

The southern border of the United States has been completely compromised by tens of thousands of children flooding in from South American nations. When Texas Governor Rick Perry met with Obama about the crisis, he asked the President to send the National Guard to the border to take control of the situation. What did Obama do? Well, nothing. Now, these children are being shipped across the country — as far from the Mexican border as downeast Maine — and Barack Obama has had no more to say on the subject since. As any leader would need to, Perry then took it upon himself to send the Texas National Guard to do the job Obama, inexplicably, refuses to do.

This pattern of conduct paints a very dangerous picture of a United States President holding zero credence to the idea of national sovereignty. A foundational necessity for a nation’s autonomy, self-governance, and sustained rule of law is the ability maintain strict border control. Obama doesn’t see international politics they way the world has and continues to exist. He sees a global neighborhood. When the Russian-backed Ukrainian terrorists shot a passenger jet out of the sky, Barack Obama didn’t respond to Russia’s involvement as an act of war within Ukraine’s sovereign borders, he condemned the action as the “kind of behavior that has no place in the community of nations.”

Because of this, vigilantly pursuing the best interest of the United States and its allies is not the current operating strategy in the Oval Office. And as long as that’s the case, international thugs like Vladimir Putin and Hamas will do whatever they please at the expense of the innocent, and the southern border of the United States may as well be drawn in pencil with welcome mats on the Mexico side.

Barack Obama can’t wish away the thousands illegally crossing the American border every day, he can’t wish the Malaysian Airlines back into the sky, he can’t wish Hamas missiles and systemic anti-Semitism into blissful non-existence, and he can’t wish into existence a governing “community of nations” to make difficult decisions for him. But, then again, Barack Obama doesn’t truly have border sovereignty problems. He has a reality problem. All he can do is lead or not lead, and the President actively chooses the latter.

Ignorance is bliss — on to the next fundraiser.

Tom Toth is the Digital Content Director for Americans for Limited Government.

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