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No place for workplace intimidation

This article was originally published on FoxNews.com, linked below.

By Rick Manning

Intimidation is an ugly word.

It is even an uglier practice. Yet that is exactly what the United Auto Workers union is doing in General Motors plants in right to work states Kansas and Tennessee.

The intimidation is in the guise of producing so-called scab lists to alert union workers about which of their colleagues have exercised their legal right to choose not to be a member.  These scab lists give out the non-union worker’s personal information as well as where he or she works in the plant, encouraging work place harassment.

The Washington Free Beacon describes the plight of one Tennessee GM worker who opted not to join in the union.  Upon publication of the list at his plant, “he was soon approached by a number of union members who engaged in harassment name calling…”

Big Labor has always relied upon coercing workers to join, and that is the heart of the closed shop system that ruled in Detroit.  Under that system, if a worker wanted a job on a Detroit assembly line, he or she had to join the UAW, no union dues, no job.  It was that simple.

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