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Protecting IRS lawbreakers

noIRSBy Bill Wilson

With all the noise and distractions, it is easy to understand why the most important story of the decade is being overlooked.  The holidays are in full swing, Congress is playing Hamlet — to be or just roll over yet again — the Occupy leftist movement is blocking roads to protest the police doing their job, and the mainstream media is busy doing all they can to hide any fact that might further discredit the worst Administration in American history.

Just another day in Obama’s USA.  But try as they might, the facts seep out.  Thanks to the Internet and the decentralization of real news, the reports are beginning to surface.

Cutting to the chase, the Obama Administration is refusing to comply with a judge’s order to release evidence in multiple felonies.  The Kafkaesque rationale will leave you stunned but the real issue is who they are protecting.  It appears that someone in the White House, Barack Obama’s White House, is a multiple felon.  And his government is doing all they can to prevent the exposure.

The facts are pretty simple.  An advocacy group, Cause of Action, requested internal communications under the Freedom of Information Act concerning the transfer of private tax filings to the White House.  The disclosure of tax returns is a felony for both the person releasing them and the person receiving them.

The Department of the Treasury dragged their feet and refused to release the information so Cause of Action did what the law allows and sued.  A judge ordered Treasury to turn over the documents and initially the government said it would comply.  But as with so many things with this Administration, they lied.  Of 2,500 pages of documents they admit to having, the Treasury Department released less than 500.  And even the 500 pages that were released had been so redacted as to be useless.

And what was the government’s rationale for refusing to comply with the judge?  Jack Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury, is worried that it might violate someone’s privacy!  So, evidence of gross violations of privacy cannot be revealed because to do so might violate privacy.  This circular illogic is akin to saying you should not defend yourself if attacked because to do so might get you injured.

Obama and his crew of thugs and leftist zealots got the tax returns of people they didn’t like, people who opposed their radical schemes.  This is a felony.  The people in the IRS who gave the tax returns to them have committed a felony.  And now Jack Lew is a co-conspirator after the fact, a felony.  And who is supposed to protect the public from these obvious violations of the law?  Eric Holder of course, the same Eric Holder who has turned the phrase Department of “Justice” into a sick joke.

With this latest affront, the Obama regime has reached a level of raw criminality that would make the most brutish dictator or Third World despot blush.  To resist Obama and whatever scam he is pushing today is to stand against his criminal acts.

Congress, the courts and ultimately the American people have no choice but to stand firm and demand this rogue Administration obey the law.  Escalating penalties and sanctions must be levied against the Administration until they fully comply and release the material.

And ultimately the next President must pledge that his or her first act will be the appointment of a Special Prosecutor charged with investigating and bringing to justice everyone in the Obama regime who has broken the law.  From the failed “Fast and Furious” project, to Lois Lerner and the use of the IRS as a political weapon to the outright graft of “green energy loans” nothing can be done to get America back on the right path until these criminals and thugs are behind bars.

When you think about the ramifications of Jack Lew’s refusal to comply with the lawful order of the courts, you can see why Obama is willing to say or do anything to divert attention.  And where is the mainstream media?  Beating up a young staffer for making a mistake of protocol.  Kafka, and Goebbels, are smiling a knowing grin.

The author is a Board Member of Americans for Limited Government

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