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Stolen art takes center stage at University of Oklahoma tailgate

By ALG Staff

shepherdessAmericans for Limited Government sponsored an airplane flyover of the tailgate preceding the Oklahoma University football opener against the University of Akron on Saturday, September 5.

Tailgate crowds saw the message #ReturnTheStolenArt for two hours prior to the game, a commentary on the University of Oklahoma’s decision to fight against returning the painting “Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep” by Camille Pissarro that was stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis.

Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, explained the issue saying, “OU has the responsibility to return this art piece to the family that it was confiscated by Hitler’s regime. It is reprehensible that they are setting the moral example for their students that it is okay to do the wrong thing as long as you feel you can get away with it.”

The banner overflight during the pre-game tailgate was designed to bring this issue to the attention of the University’s alumni and supporter base in the hopes that OU President David Boren will be convinced to quit spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses to hold onto the artwork.

return the stolen art

Manning continued, “It must be noted that OU received the painting legally, as it was donated in good faith, the Sooners culpability is their decision to fight to keep it when the family that is the rightful owner stepped forward.

“As a group that defends private property rights, Americans for Limited Government views this battle as the ultimate reminder of the dangers of big government unconstrained by the rule of law. It is our deepest hope that OU returns the stolen art, and this lesson in history creates an honest discussion about the dangers of our own nation’s asset forfeiture laws.”

In conjunction with the flyover, a number of OU students distributed leaflets at the tailgate urging University President Boren to #ReturnTheStolenArt.

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